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Dragon Herbs Chrysanthemum eeTee

Chrysanthemum flower is one of the most commonly consumed herbs in Asia.  It is consumed by millions of people every day as a delicious, satisfying health beverage, especially during the hot months of summer when tens of millions of cups are consumed every day.

But not all chrysanthemum is the same.  The chrysanthemum used to make this eTee is a special kind of Chrysanthemum, and it’s of the highest quality.

The flower buds are tiny and yellow, and the tea made from these flowers has a distinctive flavor.  Like all major herbs, many varieties of Chrysanthemum flower are available, some being of very high quality and some not so much. High quality refers to the subtle richness of the flavor, as well as to its effectiveness as an herb.

Chrysanthemum flower has a massive connoisseur following throughout Asia, tens of millions of people, much like tea Camellia sinensis, so the source and variety of the flowers are of great importance.

Ron and Yanlin Teeguarden consider Chrysanthemum flower to be of such health value, that they have made numerous special trips to various growing sites in China to determine the best Chrysanthemum and to obtain these flowers for its Chrysanthemum Flower eeTee. There is a Chrysanthemum-growing region about one hundred miles outside of Nanjing that is renowned throughout China for its extraordinary Chrysanthemum tea flowers. It is considered the supreme Di Tao source of Chrysanthemum flowers in China. Of course, this is where Dragon Herbs obtains our annual harvest of sweet Chrysanthemum flowers to produce Chrysanthemum Flower eeTee.

This unique Chrysanthemum eTee product is produced by FITT Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology.

This proprietary extraction technology captures the original phytochemical profile of a botanical – the fingerprint of the plant – and transfers it safely and almost identically into the final extract, preserving the aroma, color, and taste of the plant perfectly. FITT is a raw extraction. The entire process is temperature controlled under 104 degrees F.

Here’s a recipe using chrysanthemum tea


How does the FITT™ process work?

FITT is a proprietary process that utilizes mechanical forces to break the raw materials down to micron level. The materials are shaken loose at tremendous speed, resulting in instantaneous extraction of both water-soluble and alcohol-soluble components from the raw material into the solvent. The entire process is performed at a low to moderate temperature that never exceeds 40 deg C, 104 deg F, thus eliminating the drawbacks of a heated extraction.

What is “eeTee™”

The acronym eeTee™ stands for “easy, economical, effective, ecological Tea.”

An eeTee™ is a cutting edge, proprietary instant extract that preserves the natural freshness and potency of herbs and teas, and dissolves instantly in water of any temperature. It is 100% natural. The core technology is known as Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology™ (FITT™). Essentially, the herb (in this case, Chrysanthemum flower) is extracted in room temperature water (no heating) by an array of physical forces. As a result, the finished tea extract (called eeTee™) has the IDENTICAL phytochemical profile as the RAW herb. Because the extract is never heated above 104ºF, the eeTee™ is a genuine raw food. Chrysanthemum eeTee™ is the ONLY raw, completely full spectrum, natural Chrysanthemum powdered extract in the world. The phytochemical fingerprint is virtually identical to that of the fresh raw flower. Consuming Chrysanthemum Flower eeTee™ is like eating the raw Chrysanthemum flowers straight off the bush in the field, but a lot more convenient. This is herbalism at its finest.

Specifications: 2 grams per serving, 30 servings.

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum flower

Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin (less than 3%, non-GMO corn origin, gluten free).

Usage: Mix with water hot or room temperature, stir or shake until the powder completely dissolves. For iced tea, use room temperature water to dissolve the powder first then add ice. You may flavor the tea with sweeteners, fruits, or herbal tinctures. You may also adjust the amount of Chrysanthemum eeTeeTM to your liking.

Precautions – If you are under a doctor’s care for any pre-existing medical condition, consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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