menopause basics what to eat

Menopause Basics: What to Eat

Eating right is the KEY to getting menopause symptoms under control… Are you doing it right?

Menopause Basics:  What to Eat is a short online course that walks you through exactly what to include in your diet and how to stick with it.

JUST LIKE THAT.  (and all for less than the price of a massage)

Menopause basics what to eat is – a place to learn what I’ve been sharing with my clients for years :

  • Everything you need to eat to give your body the building blocks it needs during menopause
  • AND it’ll help keep your detox pathways open – so your body can balance hormones and get rid of menopausal symptoms.

But believe me – its not actually a “diet” because nothing is taken away – you can eat whatever you like – you just learn to eat these building block and detox foods in addition to whatever else you’re eating.

It’s easy because you don’t have to change anything else and you don’t have to give anything up…

And yet you’ll get help

  • Stabilizing your blood sugar
  • Stabilizing your hormones
  • Reducing menopausal symptoms
  • Increasing your energy
  • Keeping detox pathways open
  • Beating sugar cravings
  • Evening out your energy
  • Evening out your mood
  • and Boosting your metabolism

It’s stuff Every Woman Should Know

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